The Shadow Crossing is a 2D Role Playing Game where you play as a brave warrior; working with a mage and a dragon who are chasing down the mysterious Shadow Entity to retrieve the Kingdom’s lost Jewel. You must stop him from using it to create the ultimate weapon of destruction which would ruin the world forever. You will encounter many different enemies, puzzles and boss fights which will all stand in the way to the Shadow Entity. You will have access to an inventory of items, to assist and guide you on the way.


  -  Press Z to interact with objects or characters

  -  Press X to open the inventory


  -  Antoine - Coding, Pixel art, Story, Puzzles, Stats, Effects

  -  Romain - Pixel art


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Entertaining but short demo.  

It desperately needs some kind of indicator as to whose turn it is in battle.   

It also forces the keyboard player to use the mouse to interact with the menus. Give the user a cursor that he can move around instead of the mouse.   

Area effect spells would be nice as would volume and background music options.  

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Its Awsome I finished the game. Could I have the paid version for free. 


Romain's brother :)

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Hi, thanks for playing the free version. I just finished coding this version of the game, and it will take some time to create the full version, as it will have a lot more content (it's not out yet). Also, did you find the secret boss fight yet? 

Which secret boss?

The hidden boss fight in the game